Making Informed Decisions in Pregnancy and Birth

Hello World!

I am writing my very first blog!!! Well, I have to say that I was very hesitant initially to this idea of blogging.  But as I’ve thought about it I realized that I do have a unique perspective and something to say that may be of help to people.  So here is my first goody to give you all.  

I have a great website for you to checkout.   I’m not talking about terrible birth stories on YouTube or anything inflammatory, scary or distorted.  I’m talking about real evidence based information found on the Cochrane Library website

“The Cochrane Library contains different types of high-quality independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making.”

Perhaps you have a question - let’s say it’s about delayed cord clamping.

Here is the summary of what the test and trial on delayed cord clamping on healthy newborns born at term:

“At the time of birth, the infant is still attached to the mother via the umbilical cord, which is part of the placenta. The infant is usually separated from the placenta by clamping the cord. This clamping is one part of the third stage of labor (the time from birth of the baby until delivery of the placenta) and the timing can vary according to clinical policy and practice… this review of 15 randomized trials involving a total of 3911 women and infant pairs showed no significant difference in postpartum hemorrhage rates when early and late cord clamping (generally between one and three minutes) were compared. There were, however, some potentially important advantages of delayed cord clamping in healthy term infants, such as higher birth weight, early hemoglobin concentration, and increased iron reserves up to six months after birth. These need to be balanced against a small additional risk of jaundice in newborns that requires phototherapy.”

I hope you enjoy checking my favorite online library for pregnant women!