What people are saying about Janet’s doula services:

Janet was my prenatal yoga teacher and doula for all my three pregnancies. My husband and I are so glad she was at our side in such an important and delicate moment of our lives. She is very knowledgeable and has extensive experience in assisting women (and couples) doing what their bodies have been designed to do: give birth. She is a very soothing and calm presence; she helped me and my husband a great deal in the marvelous task of bringing three babies to this world.
— Benedetta and Nicolas
Janet will always hold a special place in my heart because she is the reason I was able to have the amazing birthing experience that I had. I do think that if it was not for her presence, encouragement and support, I would not have had an experience in line with my birthing preferences. I can not imagine delivering without her and I know my husband felt so much better because she was there to help us through the process.

I would strongly recommend any mother to be to consider a doula, and I think Janet is one of the best out there!
— Yael
“I did not know what to expect when hiring a doula but after our first meeting I knew we would click. My husband who was hesitant about having a doula or didn’t really understand it at first but he was so grateful I hired her. Janet is an incredible woman and doula. She stayed with me during 33 hours of my labor and guided me and my husband through the whole experience. I could have not done it without her amazing attitude and guidance. My son is 6 weeks old this week and I sent her a picture the other day. We had such a beautiful experience together and I truly think she is one of the best.”
— Stacey
Janet is a fantastic labor support doula and a wonderful person. We greatly appreciated her involvement with the arrival of our son. Her presence during the labor and delivery was something we will never forget. It was a tremendous support for Jerome and I. We could not have done it without her!
— Sheree and Jerome
Thank you for all your help. You and my husband were the perfect team. I would not have wanted anybody else helping me during the labor.
— Marsha
Janet was a lifesaver during my 2 day labor. My husband and I still speak very fondly of her as one of the best parts of our birth experience (aside from our gorgeous son of course!). When I was exhausted and clearly not progressing in my labor, she gently guided my husband and me to call the hospital and say exactly the right things to get me admitted -and fast, saving us many unnecessary hours of pain and worry; she skillfully worked with the doctors and nurses to make the birth as low-stress and low-intervention as possible; she served as a companion and reassurance to my excited (but nervous) husband; and she overall made the birthing experience an incredibly positive one. I really can’t say enough wonderful things about Janet, both my husband and I highly recommend her!
— Kanika
We absolutely needed Janet, someone outside the situation and with considerable experience to guide us “first timers”. She was able to show me which positions to try, when to use the shower to relax, and remind me to breathe. She made gentle suggestions to Jorge on how he could be helpful, rubbing my back, making sure I wasn’t too warm or cold, expressing his belief in me. I know that I would not have been able to labor at home for as long as I did, confident in my health and well being there, if we did not have Janet reassuring us through the entire process. Janet has a nonjudgmental attitude and is honestly interested in listening and helping you have the birth that YOU want to have.
— Alexis and Jorge